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COLEAN has been setting industry standards since 1954

Kemper System products
Kemper System products

COELAN has been setting industry standards of durability, beauty, paint quality and performance for nearly six decades, since 1954.

COELAN products are manufactured by Kemper Systems. Kemper System products have been used to protect some of the world’s most valuable properties and important landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center in New York City, the US Capitol in Washington DC, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Philadelphia Art Museum, and the Capitol Building in Olympia. Kemper System products protect over 2 billion square feet of surfaces under the harshest of conditions.

Essential Characteristics
Essential Characteristics
  • longevity and durability
  • easily applied, ready to use
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • permeability – permitting water to dissipate
  • excellent UV-resistance and light-stability
  • easily achieves an absolutely non-slip coating
  • suitability for use on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester substrates
  • suitability for use on inflatable dinghies, fenders, and boat cushions
  • elasticity and ability to bridge cracks
  • unlimited potential applications in and on the boat
  • ability to fabricate colors using COELAN Color Paste together with transparent coating
Ask the Expert...
Ask the Expert...
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COELAN Boat Coating rated as the best boat coating on the market!

Impartial, independent tests rank COELAN Boat Coating as the best coating solution on the market, valued for its outstanding characteristics by many of the world's leading ship and yacht builders. Its durability and resistance to wear make COELAN Boat Coating a very cost effective and long-term solution for the boat building industry and private boat owners alike.

In comparison with most varnishes, COELAN Marine Coating has been developed keeping in mind the fact that wood is a natural material. Its hygroscopic nature permits COELAN to expand and contract as the wood expands and shrinks in response to environmental humidity. COELAN Boat coating’s flexibility and resilience, along with its Water-Vapor Exchange technology, are COELAN's most significant advantages. These characteristics mean that the wood is permitted to ‘breathe’ naturally and to exchange moisture.

COELAN Boat Coating's Water-Vapor Exchange technology permits condensing moisture to vaporize in a natural process, in contrast with conventional coating products that seal the wood and prevent this condensate from dissipating. When moisture that has permeated the wood is prevented from vaporizing, the resulting pressure causes the coating to tear and peel. When moisture is able to evaporate naturally, the wood core is protected, preventing the gradual process of rotting. COELAN Boat coating allows this condensation to evaporate and prevents the coating from tearing and peeling.

Its superior qualities mean that COELAN Boat Coating is exceptionally weather- and wear-resistant, and maintains an attractive appearance over many years. Because of its elasticity, COELAN Marine varnish is capable of bridging fine cracks on wood, rubber or plastic surfaces, fiberglass, aluminum and steel, preventing the problem of leaking decks.

Multiple applications for wood, metal, and plastic boat components

COELAN Marine Coating can be used to protect mahogany, teak and other wood boat decks, hatch covers, spars, railings and many other exposed surfaces that are subject to fading or abrasion. The exceptional characteristics of COELAN Boat Coating mean that it can be used in the surface refurbishing of fiberglass boats to repair problems such as hairline cracks, crazing, chalking, and color fading.


Use of COELAN boat paint protects wood, metal, plastic, rubber and fiberglass boat from UV light. COELAN coating and the associated primer, filters away 99 % of UV light. Use of COELAN boat paint prevents further surface damage due to exposure and heavy use.